About us




To achieve our Vision with our unique MFS Philosophy, we have set values that help us make the right decisions at the right moments. We are very proud of our values and how our coaches and teams live them:


#1 Highest Quality in Everything We Do
We strive to achieve the highest possible quality in everything we do and to always look at ways to develop as coaches and as an organisation. We believe that preparation is the key to excellence.


#2 Trust and Respect
We treat all people with respect and have confidence in their strengths. We help others gain confidence. We do what we say we will do and if this is not possible we inform in a timely manner.


#3 True Customer Orientation
We make all our decisions based on maximum benefit to our customers.


 #4 Act as a Team
The better we work together as a team, the better the results will be. We support each other and ask each other for support.


#5 Be Good, Honest and Open
We are always honest and tell the truth and nothing but the truth. We always address all our points openly. We believe that it is possible to be even more successful by being good to everyone.


#6 We Have Fun
Who says that work is not fun? We believe that working with our clients and colleagues is not only rewarding but we are always looking for the fun in work and make each other smile at least once a day.

Our Main Goal



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